Issues With Transferring an EndNote Library Between Computers

Transferring file from Computer 1 to Computer 2:

Computer 1 (source)
EndNote X6
Windows 7

Computer 2 (destination)
EndNote X6
Windows XP

Method 1: Generate compressed library and physically transfer on thumb drive.  On destination computer, double-click on compressed file.  EndNote begins extraction but the process is abruptly terminated.

Method 2: On Computer 1, copy enl. file and its associated .Data folder onto thumb drive.  On Computer 2, copy the enl. file and its associated .Data folder from thumb drive.  Character length of numerous files triggers a Windows error.

Please advise.

have you tried to copy it (for both methods) to a higher folder in your file structure? (to get a shorter file path)

not sure how the max file path length in win7 is, but in xp is was something like 256 (+/-) (i think).

if the folder structure is to deep on pc2, than that might explain the error

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