Journal doi instead of volume bug


I am using endnote 8.2 trial version on WIndows 10.

I’ve created my output styles, based on regular ones, and currently have a problem, which I think is a bug:

So, when journal or conference paper has no Volume, but has DOI in citations it shows DOI  instead of volume.

I am attaching screenshots of teplate of my style, normal citation version (wich shows as written in the style when volume exists), and buggy one (shows doi instead of volume, but there is nothing about DOI  in the style template).

And here’s a github link, where you can download my style and references (both styles work the same way): 


You may need to take a look at the following setting in your style.

See attached screenshot.

EndNote styles have a Field Substitution setting which can cause another field to dsiplay when another is empty and the setting may just need to be unchecked.

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That was it ))