Journal girl

I have recently downloaded 'Sage Harvard’ referencing style from for use in a manuscript for the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry.

After downloading there appears to be an incorrect (?) or at least inconsistent transformation in my references (see below)…. i.e. some journal titles are capitalised and others are notL.


Barnett S, McKee M, Smith SR, et al. (2011) Deaf sign language users, health inequities, and public health: opportunity for social justice. Preventing Chronic Disease 8: 1-5.

Bartlett G, Blais R, Tamblyn R, et al. (2008) Impact of patient communication problems on the risk of preventable adverse events in acute care settings. CANADIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNAL 178: 1555-1562.

Paone TR and Malott KA. (2008) Using interpreters in mental health counseling: A literature review and recommendations. JOURNAL OF MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT 36: 130-142.

Pereira PCA and de Carvahlo Fortes PA. (2010) Communication and information barriers to health assistance for deaf patients. AMERICAN ANNALS OF THE DEAF 155: 31-37.

I have tried editing the output styles but to no avail - this transformation continues, but it is not correct style.

Any suggestions on how to get round this cheeky software.


I would bet lthat your Journal terms list has adopted these titles during the downloading of some of your records from a database that has the journal names in caps.  

The very first thing I do when I install Endnote is to turn off the auto update of the terms lists during importing or pasting references and during data entry.  (Edit> Preferences, Term Lists).  

Then, I delete anything that is in the journal terms list and import a clean abbreviations list.  

Instructions are here: