Merge More than One v6 Libraries into One X7.5


I’m a tech support and rarely use EndNote. I’m supporting a user who has ended up with a few version 6 libraries for one reason or another. She would like to put all the data into one library. She updated to version 7.5 with one of the library files. I’m thankful that X7 now has a way to sync to the cloud because she works on several devices and this might resolve having multiple libraries. Can someone please confirm that the process I should take is as follows:

  1. Collect the library files on the same computer that has version 7.5.
  2. Import each v6 library into the X7 library that she has on the one computer.
  3. Ensure imported data syncs to the cloud.
  4. Uninstall EndNote 6 from other computers and install X7.
  5. Connect to her account under the sync preferences in the other computers and ensure they sync.

Thanks for your help!

Hello There,

EndNote X7 (as in 17) can open a library created in any prior version of the software. If the customer had version 7 or prior, opening the library in EndNote X7 will start the conversion process to the newer version:

Once you have the library files on the computer with EndNote X7, you can then merge them. Please see this article for instructions:

You can then synchronized the one merged library with the EndNote online account as outlined here:

If the end user wants to synchronize between computers, see the section “Setting Up Sync on Multiple Computers.”