"(name of his file) program is not responding. Choose "switch to" and correct the problem"


I have a PhD student who is using Word 2010 and Endnote X4. He has approx 250 endnotes and a word doc of approx 250 pages which is not too large and yet he gets the above message I’ve included in the above subject field and of course nothing happens if he clicks switch to or retry. 

I am in a university library and have downloaded his word doc and Endnote library and for me after adding another entry it hangs and won’t proceed.

He is in a hospital with no computer support and he is very near the end of his inputting into the word doc.

Does anyone know of a solution…something to do with word perhaps or can anyone recommend a way to finesse around this problem

regards Adrian

Just a few questions:

  1. What is the computer’s operating system/version?

  2. When you tested his EndNote .enl library file (containing the references) did you also have the corresponding .DATA folder?  Did the student mistakenly relocate the .DATA folder from its usual location on the hard drive?

  3. Does the “switch to” and “hanging” problem occur only for this specific EndNote library and MS Word doc or does the problem occur with other library files as well?

  4. Have you tried the following (with the accompaning .DATA folder):

a. Unformatting then reformatting the document’s citations/bibliography? 

b. Have you tried saving a copy of the library file and using it instead of the original library?

c. If the library file is corrupted then try restoring the library.