New User X7 Mac version (SBL style, Scrivener, Word 2013)

I am an Endnote X7 Mac user, and need help with the following: 

  1. I am getting the following message when attempting to access the manager for output styles, import filters, and connection files: Your …folder does not contain any styles. Please select a new… folder.

  2. I am moving from Bookends to Endnote for Mac. How can I load my journal list text file into Endnote?

  3. i have downloaded the SBL style but cannot seem to place in the right folder (problem connected with #1).

  4. I would like to know if Endote integration with Scrivener is good, and whether I can use Parallels with Word 2013 for final scanning and formatting.


  1. In order for EndNote to be properly installed, you should have an EndNote X7 folder inside the Applications folder of your computer. Inside of that folder, you should have you EndNote (application file) along with several sub-folder including Styles, Filters and Connections. If that file structure is not in place, the software is not installed correctly. You can create an Alias to the application file and place that elsewhere, but just moving the application file will break some of the EndNote functionality.

  2. EndNote has its own Journal Term lists. I would recommend importing one of the lists that come with EndNote. See the following article for details:

  3. To install a Style once you have the software installed correct, please see the following article:

  4. EndNote for Mac is compatible with Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. EndNote for Windows is compatible with Microsoft Word and Apache OpenOffice. Please see the following compatibility information:

I have the same problem of getting “your styles folder does not contain any styles. please select a new styles folder”. I suppose you have addressed this problem by the answer, but I don’t get what you mean perhaps because I’m new to Mac. 

When we normally install Endnote, the application of Endnote appears under the folder of “applications”. Do you suggest that we have to create Endnote library files under the “application” folder? I did so, but the problem was not solved. I’d appreacite it if you could help me.