no numbers at Bluebook Law Review style


When I insert a citation in word, and I choose as the Style, the Bluebook Law Review Style, there is no number or anything else inserted after that sentence. When I choose for example Vancouver Style, there is a number, so that works fine (there it’s just for example “the database helds 10.000 samples (3,4)” so that does work)

How can I fix this? I want a number at each citation in Bluebook Law review style. 

Thank you in advance for your help.

According to the output style notes, “The Blue Book Style is a footnote style.” There is nothing in the “citation template”.   It also says: “This style is based on the format found in The Blue Book, A Uniform System of Citation 17th Edition published by the Columbia Law Review Association, the Harvard Law Association, The University of Pennsylvania Law Review and the Yale Law Journal.”

This means you need to put in a footnote using Word, and put your citation into the footnote.  Is that no longer the case?  (snigger)