no preview visible


the preview of my references are not visible anymore (in the past, this was possible). There is the message “no bibliographic style is initialized”. What’s wrong, how can I change this?

I am using Endnote X2.0.4 (Bld 4459).

Any ideas?


Do you have a output style that exists on your machine selected in the endnote program?  (dropdown at the left top of library view, just to the right of the Mode globe, online search button. Try selected a style there from the drowdown, or “select another style” option. 

Are you working on a networked machine that stores shared output styles centrally? That can sometimes cause a “no styles available” error if some initialisation process fails and EndNote doesn’t pick up its style folder location correctly.

Can you set your styles folder manually by going to Preferences > Folder locations  and browsing for the Styles folder?