Numbered citations and bibliography


Ok, let me see if I can explain this properly:

I have created a new library. It could look like this:

   1. Abrahamsen, A.: blabla
   2. Nicholson, T: blabla
   3. Thompson, F: blabla

When I try to insert these citations into Word2008Mac from EndNote, they are assigned a number according to the place in the document. E.g. in my first paragraph I cite Thompson. Naturally, because Thompson so far is my only citation, the reference is [1]. However, when I later add Abrahamsen the reference is [2], not [1]. (Note that I have tried updating the refs.)

What I want is for the references to be numbered according to the alphabet, i.e. in the above example Abrahamsen SHOULD be [1] and Nicholson [2] because A appears first in the alphabet.

How do I do that?

I hope that I have made myself clear.

Hope to hear form you!

Best regards,

A med student.

PS I use mac OS X 10.5.3, newest version of Word2008Mac, newest version of EN

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Ok, I solved this issue by choosing Styles -> select another style -> medicine which suits my purpose.

But now I have another question: Is there a citation style like the one i describe in post 1 - but with [] instead of ( )?

(I have tried at least 15 styles without luck)

The easiest way is to edit a style that is closest to what you want.  Save it as a new name, and change the ( ) to [] in the citation template. 

Thank you.