References to be enumerated - problems with Word plugin

hey there,

I am using Endnote X7 via a plugin for MS Word 2013 (both of which is provided by my university, so I can’t really switch).

Here’s my problem:

I want to have my references enumerated, so I chose MHRA style, which works for me in principle. However, when I insert a new citation into my text, it is always assigned the higher reference number - even if it is at the beginning of the text.

So for example, when I have citation “1” in the middle of the text and I insert another citation at the beginning of the text, it will be labeled “2”…instead, it should be labeled “1” and the rest of the references should be updated accordingly. How can I change this? I couldn’t find the proper setting in the EndNote plugin…

thanks so much!



Do you have any citations in text boxes (like in figure legends?).  these are automatically assigned the number 1.