Odd margins when copying formatted references

I use Endnote 10.2 and Word 2008 for Mac.

When I select one or more Endnote references and copy them formatted into Word, they don’t adhere to the margins.  I’ve tested this with the Chicago, APA and Annotated styles. A friend of mine can replicate the problem too.

My default Word document margins are 1" all round.  When an Endnote reference is pasted into an existing Word document (containing text already), it reaches 0.5" beyond the right margin, only 0.5" from the right edge of the page.  For that paragraph only, the right margin triangle in the ruler extends 0.5" into the coloured zone.

If I paste one or more references into a new Word document, not only does it extend 0.5" beyond the right margin;  it also changes the document margins from 1" all round to 1.25" left and right.

Is there a setting anywhere I can change, or is this a bug?  I’m surprised that pasting text — even formatted text — should alter existing margins. 



I can confirm that this happened to me with EndnoteX2 as well.  I don’t know of anywhere that page formating can be adjusted, and think this should be reported as a bug.