Oddity in in-text citations when suppressing date: dangling end-parens

This is what I am getting when I suppress the date of an in-text citation:


Kierkegaard), The Concept of Irony, 66

Formatting instructions (output style) are:

Author |(Year)

Is there a reason why the final “)” is appearing? “Kierkegaard)” is all part of the field (shaded on roll-over).

I would have thought that in suppressing the year both parentheses would vanish. They don’t.

Thanks in advance.

Assuming your software includes any patches/upgrades, you might check  the Year field to see if a blank space was entered at the end of the field; or a blank space was entered in the citation template between the [Yea]“r” and closing parenthesis.

You could enter a forced separation: Author |(Year)|

Otherwise to ensure both parentheses are linked and displayed when the Year field has data, insert Link Adjacent Text commands following the first parenthesis and preceding the second parenthesis:

Author |(◊Year◊)|