Translated Author in Citation

Hello everyone!

Please, could you help me with own style?

I have many references with double name (in two language:  native in country (Title) and its translation into English (Translated Titile). Also with authors: native (Author) and translation (Translated Author).

I wrote own style for thats references:

Translated Author| Year Translated Title [Author Title] // Journal| Volume|(Issue)|:Pages| (in Language)

I can’t do so in citation to use Translated Author. My citation seems like:

[LastName1 A. B., LastName2 C. D., 2016],

but I wish to get like:

[LastName1 et al., 2016]

In Citation template I wrote туче template:

[Translated Author, Year]

Could anyone give its views, how to solve this problem?

With respect.