Toxicological Sciences output style problems

i encountered problems when using the Tox. Sci. output style that I downloaded from the EndNote site, with EndNote 6x.  The citations displayed improperly by listing all of the authors instead of “et al.”  There were other issues, such invalid citationas and font changes in the citations .  I am using the Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology style as a work around because the styles are similar. 

You will have to edit the style to change the number of authors listed. In order to that, please follow these steps.

  1. In EndNote, go to the Edit Menu and select “Output Style,” then select “Style Manager”

  2. You will find the style with the issue. Please double-click on it so that it opens to be edited.

  3. Under the Citations heading on the left hand pane, click on Author Lists. Here you can specify how many authors you want listed including listing all authors or a specific number of authors and then abbreviating with "et al.

  4. Once you make the changes you would like, go to the File menu and select "“Save As.”

  5. Please name the style a new name, such as, Tox Sci Copy or Tox Sci Edited.

  6. In your document, you will want to select the new style you have just created. If you would like instructions on that, please let us know if you are on a Macintosh or a PC computer.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and concerns.


Miguel Mendoza

Technical Support.

I think the point is, that TR needs to correct their web available style or delete it too?  

By downloading and using Toxicological Science sytle from your website, I was rejected by 3 times due to the wrong reference sytle!!! Please correct your mistake!

I can see that the style is outdated and I am submitting it to our content department to be corrected. I do apologize for any inconvenience. Many journals change their style and do not notify us so we do appreciate this information.

In the meantime, EndNote has made it possible to modify any style and can be updated immediately on your computer. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like any assistance in making changes for immediate use.

Thank you for contacting Thomson Reuters Technical Support.


Miguel Mendoza

Technical Support Representative

1 (800) 336-4474

We have looked at their instruction for authors and our style is correct. What exactly would you like changed? Do they need to update the instruction for authors?


Miguel Mendoza

Technical Support Representative

Ensure you have changed the output style in the document and not just in the Endnote program, which has no effect on how the document itself is formated?