{page\*mergeformat} anyone know what this is...

What is it and why is it messing up my inserted citation?

I’m working on a doctoral research proposal and out of nowhere my paper was reformatted.  All of the citations now look like something from a merge in word and in the footer it is showing what I placed in the subject above.  I opened an earlier version and now it has the same issue…when i saved and closed it earlier today it was fine.  it looks like all the info is there but was reformatted.  the reference page itself says


and there are NO references there


I think that elsewhere you have said that the Alt+F9 didn’t work for you (which you need to be doing in “word” view, not Endnote).  Another way to stop showing the field information is to go into the word settings.  Tools > Optins > (view tab) upper-right, make sure shtat the “field codes” box is not ticked.  (Word 2003 and earlier).  I am not sure where the setting is in word 2007, but check in help for field codes. 

thanks…I ended up reading about 700 pages of the manual and figured out what i needed to do.  I have 2007 Word and needed word options and to click (off) show code.