Prevent renumbering of Endnote after exporting updated papers database

I am using 1 Endnote (X3) database for all my references, which is useful for when you are combining multiple documents, without having the problem of changed reference IDs. Besides this I use Papers for Mac (1.9.6) for managing all my literature.
However, when I was exporting my updated Papers database, and imported it into Endnote, I noticed that the record numbers of all my Endnote references change, which hence leads to problems when building a bibliography with previously written manuscripts that need editing. Is it possible to configure Papers/endnote in such a way that newly added articles to Papers just continue the record numbering upon exporting-importing into Endnote, instead of getting a record ID that was previously assigned to another reference?
The other way around Endnote → Papers is no problem, but for this I can’t find the solution.

Many thanks for your help