Preview and output don't match data entered

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The problem is I have a particular reference that keeps putting in information that is not in the database.  What appears in my reference list is:

  1. Tong KB, Furia J. Economic burden of plantar fasciitis treatment in the United States. Quorum Consulting, San Francisco, California 94104, USA kuotong@quorumconsultingcom. 2010;39(5):227-31. Epub 2010/06/23.

The bit in bold highlight seems to be the author’s address, which is being inserted instead of the name of the Journal (which should read Am J Orthop).  At first I thought it was a problem with Word – a travelling library or a cache of some sort.  However, if I put it into a brand new document I get the same.  Indeed, I have just noticed that the same (wrong) information is appearing under the  Preview tab in Endnote itself.

The history of this is that I used to have an entry for this journal article which did include the author’s address but I have deleted that entry (and checked there were no duplicates).  The new entry does not contain the author’s address at all, so I don’t understand where Endnote keeps getting it from.  I have thousands of other items in my library and none of them do this.

I am using Endnote X5.0.0 (Bld 5774) and Word 2016 in Windows 10 on a PC.

I look forward to some wise words.



The journal field is unique in that it is not only controlled by the data in the field but it is also controlled by the Journal Term list that gets populated as you add references to your library.

I would check the entry for this journal in your term list and you should be able to remove the unwated data.

In EndNote, go to “Tools > Open Term Lists > Journal Terms List”.

In the list see if you can locate Quorum Consulting, San Francisco, California 94104, USA kuotong@quorumconsultingcom

You can use the Delete term button to remove this items from the list.

You should then be able to go back to the reference and enter the correct Journal Name if you have not done so and then try inserting the reference into a new document.

If the above does not resolve the issue or you need additional help then please  contact Technical Support.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


Hole in one!! Fantastic.

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