Problem showing Call number-field in Style


I am trying to make information in the Call number-field show in the Case references type but I can’t get it to work.

I have added Call number in References Types. I am modifying Chicago 15th A. I have added Call number in the Case template but it will not show in the reference even though there is information in the field. It does not matter where in the template I put Call number, it will not show. The peculiar thing is that when I add Call number in the Journal and Book templates it works. Has anyone had the same or a similar problem?

I am using X2 and Word 2002.

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Stima wrote:
I have added Call number in References Types.

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I am using X3  and word 2003


In my template the Call number was already in the “Case” Reference Type, so I am surprised you have needed to add it.  Are you sure you haven’t duplicated it? 


Is there any occurrence elsewhere in your Case Reference Type of “Call” or “Number” on their own.  If so, it might be trying to pull from those two fields instead of the “call number” field.  


I added “Call number” (from the drop down insert field list)  to the Chicago style “Case” Bibliography template, added info to that field in a “Case” record, and it worked for me.   I attach my modified version of the style. 







Chicago 15th A Case.ens (41.4 KB)


Now it works! Thank you so much. The problem was, a you suggested, in the Reference Type preferences - I had managed to add Call number twice. When one was removed and the information moved to the right field it worked.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer!