Problem when quoting a book the second time

Hi everyone,

I encountered the following problem when working with Endnote X9.1 and Word 365:

I need to quote a book multiple times, but different pages each time. So i created a reference for each page I want to quote and inserted them into Word.

But Word does not display the different references correctly, instead inserting the same text two times (as can be seen in the attachment).

The problem continues to exists when I choose other books that I splitted up into multiple references and I definetly tipped in the right number.

How do I fix this?

Thank you very much!

You don’t want to enter your quoted pages in a different record for each citation.  You want to edit the citation and include the cited pages there, either in the cited pages (which also needs to be the field inserted in your footnote template for the ref type see output-style jpg)  

The book is only in your references once.  Endnote sees the book twice and assumes they are duplicates and uses just one of them.  You could try turning off the preferences for “merge duplicates in bibliography” (see attached image-capture-duplicates) but I am not sure that works on footnotes.  

I also show the edit citations>more dialogue on the edit tab (opposite tab you showed in your image) where you would insert the cited pages.  – would help if they actually named that field there “cited pages”.  

OH – forgot to say (this is 2nd edit) that you have the option as showed in the templet view, to have the second time the book is cited in short form, or just copy what is in the long form there again, if you want a more complete citation each footnote.