Problem with Citations Numbering

Hi guys! I recently changed from X2 to X4. I am using the Journal of Power Sources output style.

With the X2 everything was fine but now with X4 I have some problems.

When I cite two or more references they appear together, designated by letters [1] a…, b… and I want them to appear as separate references [1,2]. The box “Use ranges for consecutive citations” is checked but I couldn’t find a way to change from letters to numbers.

One more thing: with the X2 it was fine again, now with the same output style and X4 the citations in the text are in superscript. How can I change between normal and superscript.

Thanks in advance

Are you sure that the manuscript is utilizing the output style you think it is?  I just downloaded the J of Power Sources from the web and it works correctly.  I attach it here.  Ensure that the manuscript is using the style.  It isn’t enough to just change the Endnote program to have the style selected. 

J Power Sources[2009].ens (10.8 KB)

OK. It seems that the program is not working properly. Whatever style I choose I get the same output. I checked with some annotated style as well. I tried to make a new library in case the old version had conflict with the new version and I imported the references again but it still stays the same. I will talk to our IT department but if you have some suggestions, please help.

I still say you haven’t changed the style in the manuscript.  You are changing it in the program itself.  (I assume the preview window at the bottom of the library shows the different styles? 
Reformat the document with the style you want to use.  See this answer from Jason with an image.

Thank you very much! I didn’t know that.