problem with names with apostrophes or starting with Mc


I believe I have a problem with how Endnote handles names with apostrophes or starting with Mc.

It’s not the same problem that has previously been reported.

When I enter names like:

O’Connor or McCann

they appear in the citations or bibliography as

O’connot or Mccann,

therefore with no capital after the apostrophe or Mc.

I cannot change them. They are entered correctly in Endnote. I also checked the authors list, but they are correct there too.

Can anybody help? I have to hand in my PhD thesis next week and cannot solve this problem…

Thank you!


what output style are you using?  – I don’t see that in my X8 version and two or three output styles.  This is what I get with “Cell” as the output style.  (PC version with Word365)

one ref  (O’Brien et al., 1990)  a group of refs  (Mc Gee et al., 2001; McAlpine and Shows, 1990; McCabe et al., 1992; McCabe et al., 1994; McCarthy and Wiedemann, 1995)

Mc Gee, M.M., Campiani, G., Ramunno, A., Fattorusso, C., Nacci, V., Lawler, M., Williams, D.C., and Zisterer, D.M. (2001). Pyrrolo-1,5-benzoxazepines induce apoptosis in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cells by bypassing the apoptotic suppressor bcr-abl. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 296, 31-40.

McAlpine, P.J., and Shows, T.B. (1990). Nomenclature for human homeobox genes. Genomics 7, 460.

McCabe, N.R., Burnett, R.C., Gill, H.J., Thirman, M.J., Mbangkollo, D., Kipiniak, M., van Melle, E., Ziemin-van der Poel, S., Rowley, J.D., and Diaz, M.O. (1992). Cloning of cDNAs of the MLL gene that detect DNA rearrangements and altered RNA transcripts in human leukemic cells with 11q23 translocations. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1992, 11794-11798.

McCabe, N.R., Kipiniak, M., Kobayashi, H., Thirman, M., Gill, H., Rowley, J.D., and Diaz, M.O. (1994). DNA rearrangements and altered transcripts of the MLL gene in a human t-ALL cell-line Karpas-45 with a t(X;11) (q13;q23) translocation. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 9, 221-224.

McCarthy, K.M., and Wiedemann, L.M. (1995). The PCR based detection of gene rearrangements. In PCR applications in pathology:  Principles and practice, D.S. Latchman, ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp. 216-246.

O’Brien, M.C., Fukui, Y., and Hanafusa, H. (1990). Activation of the proto-oncogene p60c-src by point mutations in the SH2 domain. Mol Cell Biol 10, 2855-2862.

I checked the style, and one would want the author name settings to be “as is” and not “normal” from the dropdown list of the output style 

Thank you Leanne. I will check that and will let you know.
I use Harvard style but I have slightly modified it.

Thank you Leanne, it worked!

You have saved my PhD thesis, thanks!