Stopped autoformatting in 20% of the citation insertions (word)

In 20 % of the insertions of any references it does not reformat the insertion. With or without any style.
it starts when the document is 100 pages and 150 references within the document?
To get it fixed, the update button has to be pressed manually?
anyone else having the same issue?

  • Auto format is: on

Have you tried turning Instant formatting off and on again?

The document may be corrupted. Make a copy of your document and save to a safe place. Can you “convert to unformatted citations” and see the “endnote” field with curly brackets and the author, year and #record number for the all of the inserted citations? If so you can copy this version without the final paragraph symbol (which you can see if you click on the backwards “P” symbol on the home toolbar menu) into a new document and try formatting that one.