Problems creating new footnote template

I’m flummoxed.

I want a footnote citation to read:

     Hatfield, Stephen, email message to author, April 7, 2014.

In Edit, Preferences, Modify Reference Types, Email, I have the following:

      Generic = Email

     Author = Interviewee

     Year = Year

     Date = Email Month & Date

     Keywords = Keywords

     Notes = Notes

     Research Notes = Research Notes

In my style, I have an “Email” template with the following:

     Interviewee, ‘email message to author’, Email Month & Date, Year|.

I input an entry:

      Interviewee = Stephen Hatfield

     Email Month & Date = April 7

     Year = 2014

And this is what I get:

      Hatfield, Stephen. 2014.

What’s going on? There was even a time when I was trying different things and for some reason, I was getting “edited by email message to author.” Where did the “edited by” come from? At any rate, I don’t know what to do next.


Can you attach your actual output style?  — I think you might just need to remove that | character and perhaps any “link adjacent characters” (which look like tiny centered diamonds in the template), assuming all parts of the email citation are always included in the “email” records.   

How do I do that? (attach my style)

When you write or respond to  a message there’s a section below the text box labeled “Attachments” – refer to attached image. Click “Browse” to locate the file you want to attach.


then you need to navigate to the folder where the styles are saved.  Which could be one of two places.  If you altered the output style it will be in your user “documents” or “library” folder on a PC – in a folder structure endnote/styles  

I hope this is the correct file.

Turabian Bibliography BRAD.ens (94 KB)

Actually, I “discovered” what the problem was. I didn’t know that “preview” in the references library view only means the bibliography view and not the preview of the particular reference type. So I was seeing an “incorrect” view for my footnote template when it was the bib preview. Sheesh. Spent WAY too much time trying to “fix” this problem.

Thanks anyway.

Yes,  It has been a long request to have a preview of the “citation” and the “footnote” in addition to the bibliography output of the output style available.  

That would be a good idea. I’m angry that it set me back three days+ on my assignment.