Problems emailing references from EndNote X7


Recently I have not been able to email references from EndNote. When I right-click on a reference and click ‘E-mail Reference’ a dialog box pops up with just the message “EndNote Error” and no further explanation. It used to work well before: it would open an email in my Mozilla Thunderbird with the reference details and PDF in the attachment. I’m not sure what has changed.

I was just wondering if anybody has experienced similar problems and/or has a fix for it. I use EndNote X7 for Windows 7. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Bart

I haven’t ever been able to email from endnote, from a big library.  Small libraries work, but there appears to be an error, even when you are trying to email a group, that builds an attachment from the whole library which seems to crash the email program.   Frustrating - and it once resulted in a corrupt endnote file - or having to reboot to restore access to the library itself in Endnote.  I don’t even remember if I ever reported it formally.  

Are you running the updated version of Endnote X7? The last update was X7.7.1. If not, you might try updating your software by going to the Endnote toolbar and selecting Help > Check for Updates. Also refer to the knowledge base article

After updating, close the Endnote application then re-launch the software.