Problems with website names in CWYW imported citations


Can anyone give me a quick answer. I’m using Endnote Web CWYW and trying to get the correct citation for website addresses. I’m trying to list the author as ‘BBC News Online’ and ‘Mail Online’ but when it imports its coming up as ‘Online’ in the text and ‘Online, B. N.’ and ‘Online, M.’ in the reference list. Has anyone else had the same problem and managed to resolve it.

I’ve tried changing it in the document manually and, surprise surprise, it disappears. I’ve tried using a prefix which changes it in the text but the problem is I need to just use the year as I’m putting in a string of references enclosed in brackets. None of these solve the problem in the reference list which if changed and moved to the correct place in the listing reverts to the original.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to submit my paper within a week and this is giving me a headache. I’m almost considering redoing them all manually. Not what I want to do with automated software that is meant to make things easier.


I probably should have said. I’m using Word 2003 on Windows 7.

For group authors/organisations, put a comma at the end, eg

BBC News Online,



Thanks John.

That’s worked first time. Brill. I’d buy you a drink if I could.


Jackie. :smileyvery-happy: