Proper APA Formatting of Bibliography / Reference Page and Insuring Hanging Indents work Correctly

I use OS X and for writing papers in APA format and the problem up until last night that I was experiencing was that endnote would format the Bibliography incorrectly placing the entire paragraph up against the left margin instead of insuring the first line was hanging to the left further than subsequent lines of the reference entry.

The method to fix this is to go to the “Layout” section in on the right hand side and select “Left Indents” and set that number to 0.5 (or whatever you like. You will immediately see the difference.  It will look the way it is supposed to rather than you having to mess around with manually breaking the structure so the text appears as you want it to.  I hope this helps someone out there, See attached.

One further note, this will fix indentations only. You will still need to manually double space the text.

Happy researching :slight_smile: