Random jumps, stalls, and slowness in Endnote X6 under MacOS 10.7.5

I just upgraded to Endnote X6, and I’ve come across a number of instances where the application stalls.  At the moment I’m running it on a Macbook Air with OS 10.7.5.


  1. When a reference is selected, the selection inexplicably jumps around to another record.  My library became corrupted under a previous issue syncing Endnote data over SugarSync, so I’m now finding myself having to manually rebuild it and re-attach most of the PDFs.  (Endnote’s lack of support for cloud syncing is another issue entirely – I do hope that once I get it up and running, Endnote Web works as a short-term fix and the underlying problem syncing gets resolved at some point!)  I find it’s easiest to drag PDFs to the corresponding record in Endnote, and this works for the record I’m dragging.  However, when I do it the list selection usually jumps to a completely different record maybe 5-10 records away from the one I was dragging to.  As a result, it’s very difficult to go through the records sequentially.

2.  Importing PDF folders stalls.   When I tell it to import, the progress bar moves a tiny bit (maybe 5%) and then stalls out completely.  I have left it running overnight, but it does not move at all.  When I click Cancel, it does not cancel.  In the active application list it is not listed as “not responding” but it seems that my only option is to force-quit the application.  I’m sure this can’t be good for the Endnote database.

3.  In general, X6 runs extremely slowly.   It pauses after every edit or move from one record to another, and the lag is somewhere between annoying and intolerable.  I’ve seen forum posts on speed issues with MacOS 10.8.X, but not for 10.7.X.  I tried looking in Activity Monitor for the Apple process that was creating the problems under 10.8, but it doesn’t seem to exist in 10.7.  This may be because the Macbook Air is underpowered, and I’m hoping that it won’t be as much of an issue on my Macbook Pro, but even with the Air I have a hard time believing that Thomson Reuters can’t find a way to lighten the load of the application so it runs better.

Any tips?


Sorry I don’t have an answer to the problems you’re experiencing, Max.  My problem sounds similar to what you’re seeing, though:

I have noticed that while using the PDF preview window, the article will randomly “jump back” to the top of the first page without me touching anything.  It’s annoying because then I have to find the spot again in the article where I was previously.  Until it’s fixed, I’m going to have to read the PDFs outside of Endnote.

I’m also running X6 under Mac OS X, Mountain Lion (10.8.2).


not sure about the original poster (MacOS 10.7.5), but jjw14  (MacOSX(10.8.2) should read the other threads like this one: http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-General/Terrible-performance-EN6-under-Mountain-Lion/m-p/34965#U34965