Re-Linking PDFs to references

Hello, At the university, every day I back up my Endnote library on the network drives. This way, I can open my Endnote on every computer in this network. However, when I open my Endnote library file on a second computer, the links towards the PDFs are down (despite showing the attached symbol next to the reference). Nevertheless, all the PDFs stored in the .Data-map are copied with the Endnote-file. Summarized: all the data is in the same way as at my original computer, but the links between the references and the PDFs are gone. Is there a way to make this links up again? Do I have to select the Data-map somewhere when working on a new computer? (Of course, I can re-link all files differently, but to do this for 600 references, not much time is left to work). Hopefully I formulated my problem understandable, kind regards, Karel

Better to “copy” the endnote library from Endnote than just move the folders.  You may be having an issue with the length of the path + folders and filenames so your OS can’t copy them reliably?  

.DATA-map?  – at least on the PC the folder  always ends in  just .DATA

Hey there,

I have no problems with long path names. The back up copy (but it works in two-ways, so its more a synchronized file) of my Endnote library is an exact version of my original one. The only thing that doesn’t copy with it, is the link between a reference in Endnote self towards the attached file. So what I do now when I don’t work on my ‘original’ PC, is re-link the file to the reference I need.

However, when clicking the “attach file…”, the program even directly goes to the location of the pdf file (in the .DATA). So, strangely enough, it knows where the file is stored, but it doesn’t directly revive the link towards it.

Of course, this is not a world-class problem, because all I need is there and just need a re-link. This problem is quite similar with for example Powerpoint, where a used image had to be copied into one presentation-map, so the program could find back the used linked files.