Reference in footnote/endnote word 2007

Hi all,

I would like to know how it would be possible (if it is possible) to combine the footnote command in word 2007 with reference inserted from Endnote X3 in order to obtain the following type of style:

My text[i] ← reference inserted as footnote from word 2007

[i] a ) Albeniz, A. C.; Espinet, P.; Lin, Y.-S. Organometallics 1997 , 16, 5964.; b ) Albeniz, A. C.; Espinet, P.; Lin, Y.-S. Organometallics 1996 , 15, 5010.; c) etc etc.

So far I wasn’t able to do so even modifying some style whic include grouped reference.

I hope I have been clear enough in my explanation. Thanks a lot  in advance for any help provided.


What style are you using?


I am trying to use the ACS styles Journal of organic chemistry and J. american chemical society. I have tried to play around with them but without any success so far :cry:

Thank you for the style info.  It seems you’ll need to make at least 3 modifications to the “footnotes” section of the ACS style: 1) modify the template, 2) modify the Author List, and 3) modify the Author Name.  Refer to Image1.gif for information.

In testing the modifications to the ACS style [see Image2.gif], it seems that in order to integrate the EndNote reference as a footnote in MS Word, you’ll need to manually type in the footnote number [i] followed by  “a)” and a blank space; then 2) type in “b)” followed by a blank space then insert the EndNote citation.  In other words, you’ll need to enter each footnote reference separately.   

I noticed “and” appears before the last author . I don’t see any info in the footnote template on removing the “and” so am thinking  you might need to create a custom field in each of your reference types which will hold all the author names.  Then you would use the custom field when building the footnote template.

In any event it seems what you want to achieve can be done but will take a little work.

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THANKS VERY MUCH!!! I’ll try immediately :smiley:

Thanks very much. It work fine!! Do you know if it possible modfify the footnote template in Endnote in the way to include a layout section in the same way as in the bibliograpy template?

Thanks for all

Glad to hear the adjustments to the footnote template resolved your issue.  I’m not sure if I understand your question about modifying “the footnote template … to include a layout section in the same way as the bibliography template”. I’m interpreting this to mean that you want to create a list of footnotes that are formatted like a bibliography (?).  If so, unfortunately I don’t think the footnote template offers any formatting options to enable generating a bibliographiy-type of list. But you may be able to do some manipulations (i.e., cut-paste; manually identing, etc.) in MS Word to generate a list.