change field order in edit record screen

I want to add research notes and fill in some custom fields in the left hand pane, while reading the attachment in the right hand pane.  How do I rearrange the display order so I can do my edits without scrolling down several times for each record?  I can’t seem to get this one figured out.

Thanks for any tips you can give!


You can’t. You can hide or display empty fields, but due to the way endnote is designed, it is my understanding that the developers can’t allow you to rearrange the order of the fields in the edit record view.  See fuller discussion here.

arggh.  well, thanks for the reply.  I’ve gotta say, this has been a greatly desired feature for YEARS now.  I know backwards compatibility is a concern, but make a converter and give people the chance to convert old databases ONCE.  You don’t have to support people going back and forth between versions.

If I purchase X7, I shouldn’t have my functionality limited by someone who insists on staying in Endnote 8.  Users can then choose to upgrade their software AND databases to the new version, or choose to keep their old version and only create/use old version databases. 

this is a HUGE drawback.

Yes, well the last time they did that, it was a new program with tons of bugs, so I am content and in this world of collaboration, backward compatibility is rather important, when collaborators and institutions don’t have the money to upgrade every year…   

Some suggestions to reduce scrolling (I’m on X6, not sure if changed in X7):

  • Use a large screen.
  • From Layout (bottom right), turn the Groups Panel off and select Right - Split layout then expand the right split view of the reference to  minimise word wrap.
  • Use Tools > Change/Move/Copy fields to place some text in every reference in Research Notes & your custom fields, then Hide Empty Fields.
  • Go to Edit > Preferences > Display fonts and reduce the font of the display.

Hope this helps