Remote Access

I have some end-users that work in the field. I’ve been doing some testing on X3’s remote access capabilities to see how well they’d be able to use it so I can draft a “best practice” worksheet for them.

In my tests, I’ve noticed that the attached full-text feature does not work over a Citrix connection. My colleague that tested is over a VPN connection doesn’t believe it work either (she gave up on it loading after a couple of minutes).

The error I received using a Citrix connection was “The following URL …[path file].pdf could not be launched.”

Has anybody else tried using EndNote X3/4 over a remote connection? (e.g. Citrix, VPN) Have you experienced any issues like this or any others?

I know EndNote Web is a tentative workaround, but it fails to address the full-text problem.

Let me know and thanks for your help!

It may not be your issue, but I received that error and it was related to Adobe not set as the default program for the PDF file type.  Check to be sure Adobe is set as the default by:

right click on any PDF file

select open with

select choose program

select adobe acrobat reader

there is a checkbox under the window its says always use this program to open these files

select ok

Also, there is a FAQ here - - that basically says that Citrix is not officially supported but is something that other customers have be able to get working.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


I have same kind of quesiton,  I have a laptop that connet and work fine on my home network when I connect to VPN through RSA token id, but when I take this to my school, my school networkdoes not allowing me to connect to VPN, what should I do ?



Well this is really a question for your IT people, but if it is like our campus, you shouldn’t need to VPN if you are accessing the network wirelessly,  when on campus, as you are already “in” the network?