removed Endnote field codes from word document - lost word footnote formatting

When i removed the Endnote X2 field codes from a Mac Word 2004 document, it also lost the word document fomatting. The (automatically inserted) footnote moved to the top of the page as normal text, it was one line below the footnote number, and the page text was below it. Has anyone else had this problem? I need to give my final copy in word to someone who does not use Endnote but I don’t want to have to reformat the whole thing!

Did you use the X2 remove formating button or the Word select all, ctrl+shift F9?  I actually find using Words Global remove fields better and less likely to get this formating kind of error than the inbuilt button in the endnote toolbar (but I don’t usually work with footnotes). 

So if you tried one, try the other … and see if it works better for you.