removing a comma after each reference in bibliography


I seem to have an odd problem. My generic style is the following:

Author (Year)|. Title|. In Secondary Title|, Secondary Author, ed.^eds.| (|Place Published|, Publisher|)|, pp. Pages|, DOI

So at the end of my reference I have the pages followed by the DOI

Porblem is if there isnt a DOI then my reference ends with a comma. How can I code this style so i dont get a comma if I dont have a DOI in my reference?

Thanks a lot.


Insert a non-breaking Replace the space with a “link adjacent” space from the field drop down and add another | after DOI  - you may only need to do one of these, but both will ensure that the comma is not included in the absense of the a DOI in the DOI field. 

Thank you very much but  although I tried to add a | at the end  i.e. after DOI, it jut doesnt get saved.

Here is what I do. I keep the cursor right after DOI, go to the dropdown menu and choose the option ‘Forced Seperation’ which gives me a |. I ‘Save’ it and even "Save as’ but saving the style 9and even renaming it) it disappears.

I am also not sure where to add the ‘Link Adjacent’ text either.

My apolofies but Styles is not my forte.

The “link adjacent text” is available from the same dropdown list as the “forced separation” character.  

I have added the ,*DOI| to the generic template (where * indicates the tiny triangle that is the link-adjacent symbol) in the attached and you could copy and paste it (removing any random extra “paragraph” mark that may get inserted at the end of the line).  

Remember that your template are specific for each reference type, so the generic will only be used if there isn’t a corresponding template for that reference type.  If you want the DOI to appear for Journal articles for example, you will have to add the exact same text there as well in your reference type.  

Furthermore you must “save as” to a new output style name and change your document on endnote’s ribbon, to use that modified style.  If you retain the same name, two copies of the output style will exist and Endnote invariable selects the orginal and not the modified version.  

Author-Date Copy.ens (16 KB)