Removing automate weblinks in reference title

Hi everyone,

when I create a new reference in Endnote and start editing the title everytime I write http://ww… Endnote switches from plain text mode to weblink mode (blue, undlined with hyperlink). How can I turn this off?

Sometimes I need URL in the title of my reference but I want it as plain text. Is there a method?

Thanks in advance

I believe this is a word setting in how to handle URLs?  It isn’t an Endnote managed item.

Thanks for your answer; but how can this be Word realated? I’m only speaking of editing my reference in title in Endnote. Word is not even running in background.

This mode change from plain text to a weblink is something Endnote does while I create a new reference entry in my Endnote library. Just by typing http://w… in any empty field (title, year, author etc.) it switches to weblink mode. I can mark these links and switch them to bold, italic and underlined format but either way they won’t turn back to plain text.

I see what you mean.  I don’t have an answer.  Sorry.