Repeated Book Section Citation

Hi guys,

I did a search for this, but I couldn’t find the exact answer. Basically, my template for a book section is this:

— Author, ‘Title’, in Editor (ed.)^(eds.),| Book Title, Volume (City: Year)

For example:

— D.B. Redford, ‘History and Egyptology’, in R.H. Wilkinson (ed.), Egyptology Today, (Cambridge: 2008) 

However, when I do a repeated citation, it messes up, for example:

— Redford, ‘History and Egyptology’, in 

I basically want it to say

— Redford, ‘History and Egyptology’

I understand what’s happening (it’s just getting rid of the editor info etc in repeated citation), but how do I get rid of the ‘in’ part? Halp! :frowning:

Thanks for any help.

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