I’m getting the intitials of my authors in the RESEARCH NURSING HEALTH style but I do not want the initials to show up, How can I fix this?

I having the same issue.  


This is because this style follows the guidelines for APA 6th, which recommends the use of Author Initials in the text for clarity, beyond simply disambiguation.

The instructions provided in this knowledgebase article…

…  provide instructions for disabling this option in a custom version of the style.

The custom style created by that process will allow you to reformat, to automatically remove those initials.

I do hope this helps.



a KEY point in the attached KB article is 

"As an alternate solution, you could make certain that all author names are consistently entered into your EndNote library, including spacing and punctuation. For example, if you have entered

Smith, J

as an author in one record, you need to make sure every other instance of that author’s name in that library is identically formatted. Please note that a difference as small as one space may cause EndNote to believe it is dealing with two separate authors and add the initials."