Single-Author Bibliography

I would really love to find out if EndNote is capable of allowing me to create a major annotated bibliography that features all of the writings by (and about) a single author, please. If someone in the Community has actually done this, even better. I am really in the dark on this. Thanks.

If you searched, located, retreived or generated the EndNote references in a library, and either wrote your own abstract or annotation (or used the downloaded information) you’d have the information to generate an annotated bibliography. If you wish to focus on a single author then it’s just a matter of selecting all the references in the EndNote library pertaining to that author and using the Annotated output style to generate an annotated bibliography.

Thank you so much for the input!  I feel I will have to play with the demo version a little longer to achieve exactly what you’re suggesting, so I may be back with a few more help utterances!  In the meantime, thanks again.

FYI - there are also training videos on a variety of EndNote features:

EndNote YouTube Channel:

EndNote Training (located on this forum):

Thanks again.  I’m well into the YouTube tutorials and have signed up for a couple of live webinars.  I am always open to anyone who has used EndNote to create an extensive sing-author bibliography.  I think your input will prove invaluable.  In the meantime, CrazyGecko, you’ve been super helpful.  Cheers.