Single-instance exceptions to formatting

We commonly encounter the need to use “temporary” exceptions to the global document reference style.  After working with tech support, it appears that this functionality is not currently available in EndNote.

An example…

We always use superscripted reference notation.  However, occasionally we need to say something akin to “The authors of Ref. 47 have shown that EndNote is awesome.”  In other words, the reference number needs to be in-line with the rest of the sentence text, not superscripted.  While we can easily write in this number, it then does not adjust with the remaining references.

In latex/bibtex, this functionality is performed via \onlinecite{}, which is a pretty standard feature.  It doesn’t appear possible to do this in EndNote currently, and adding this functionality would be very useful.  

For generality’s sake, it would be great if we could apply a new style to a specific instance of a reference.  It could be handled as an exception, rather than a global mixture of styles.

And just to be clear, the actual bibliographic entries are uniform.  It is only the numerical reference to these sources that needs to be formatted differently.