Stop Word doc opening EndNote

I have a Word document that is written over a previous piece of work (an assignment).  The assignment had EndNote citations within it, but these have all been deleted and the new version has no EN links.  When I open the document, however, it continues to open EndNote automatically, and I can’t seem to stop it - despite unchecking the box in CWYW preferences to open EN automatically when starting Word. Can anyone help please?  It’s an irritating problem.  Thanks, Scott


This usually means that there’s a problem with the document’s encoding. Please try the steps here to clean up the EndNote codes in the document:

I hope this helps! Have a great day. 

Hi Gillian

Thanks for your help.  That seems to have fixed the problem.



The new link is probablyhere.

While the described “phenotype” is different, the cleaning up codes process is the same.