Style change not taking effect in pages 09

After using X2 in word for a couple of years I have moved over to Mac and am learning the ropes again.

I am using X2 in pages 09 running on Snow leopard. My problem is that I have been using a style (Marine Biology) and now need to use a different style (Marine freshwater research). I have changed styles in my library and when I select a citation it shows the preview correctly as  (Marine freshwater research). However when I select insert from my pages menu and go to insert citation it still shows the citation as the previous style (Marine Biology).

I have tried closing and reopening both applications  but to no avail :frowning: . any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?


Have you read this section of the pdf manual?

To reformat your paper in a different style:

In Pages, go to the Edit menu and choose EndNote Citations, and then choose an output style

from the available.list.Your citations and bibliography are updated for the new bibliographic style.

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for that, I tried that initially and it made no difference as only the old citation was present, but I went and had another look after I had closed and reopened pages and the new style was there so it’s all fixed :slight_smile: