Style for "Journal of Crustacean Biology"

Hello Helpful People!

I have been searching for the output style for the Journal of Crustacean Biology, as published by Oxford.  I have reached out to the editorial board with no success.  Any help that can be offered would be appreciated.

The instructions to authors are as follows:

All publications referred to in the text must be listed in “References.” References of three or more authors will be cited in the text using the surname of the first author followed by “et al.” Multiple references cited in the text must be arranged chronologically (not alphabetically) and separated by semi-colons: “(Herreid & Full, 1988; Boxshall & Halsey, 2004).”

Titles in “References” must be arranged alphabetically by the surname of the first author followed by initials (no space between initials) and, if having two or more authors with the same first author, must be listed alphabetically by second author, not chronologically. Titles with two authors are listed before those with three or more authors with the same first author. Titles of periodicals must be written in full and in italics, followed by a comma and volume number in bold, with en-dashes (–) between page numbers, as follows:

Wehrtmann, I. S., Magalhães, C. & Orozco, M. 2014. Freshwater crabs in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: not a single-species fishery. Journal of Crustacean Biology34: 123–125. [cited as “Whertmann et al. (2014)” or “(Whertmann et al., 2014)” in text]

Articles available only online (or still in press ready to be published as a printed article) must be accompanied by a doi number:

Yasuhara, M. & Myhre, S.E. 2016. Biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships in long term time series and palaeoecological records: deep see as a test bed. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 371:20150282 [doi:10.1098/rstb.2015.0282].

Book titles are to be cited in italics, followed by publisher, city, and country (in cases where city is not a large one where country is not obvious to the reader):

Boxshall, G.A. & Halsey, S.H. 2004. An introduction to copepod diversity. The Ray Society, London. [cited as “Boxshall & Halsey (2004)” or “(Boxshall & Halsey, 2004)” in text]

Articles in a book:

Herreid, C.F. & Full, R.J. 1988. Energetics and locomotion. In: Biology of the land crabs (W.W. Burggren & B.R. McMahon, eds.), pp. 337–377. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. [cited as “Herreid & Full (1988)” or “(Herreid & Full, 1988)” in text]


Treat as books, with university (together with location) instead of publishers, indicating if it is a Ph.D., M.S., M.A., or M.Sc. thesis:

Feng, L. 2011. The effect of dietary HUFA on the ovary development and tissue biochemical composition of the swimming crab P. trituberculatus. M.S. thesis, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai, China.

A manuscript model provides additional detailed instructions for the preparation of manuscripts.

That 3 or more author sort has been a problem forever and I don’t understand why it is requested or required.  See for a way to approach it, but it is a pain in the  …  I suggest you sort by first author then number of authors, then title as described earlier in the thread.  

The second pain is the long en dash in pages, which unless they have changed something, is not an option in Endnote.  I have been known to search and replace all my - in pages with the long en dash manually, but it is tedious and I have never had a paper rejected for not having a longer dash.  

third, to get the full journal names, you must follow the journal terms list instructions here for EACH library you might be using: 

I don’t know of any endnote style that attempts to sort this way but many styles are close in other aspects.  Working from Home so I decided to adapt one to be close to your needs for Journal, book, book section.  If you need other ref types, let me know.  

Journal Crustacean Biology (Oxford).zip (1.93 KB)

frustrated, as the forum threw away my detailed reply.  

one, sorting authors by one, two, three or more is tough.  Can sort by number but not collect 3 or more as a single entity.  you can read this thread for a complicated way to achieve it, but in my opinion, you should do your best and let the editors refine them.

two, the en dash in pages is not something that Endnote does.  Again, I would wait, or do a search and replace of the dashes in the references just before submitting (you will want to disassociate the endnote fields on the submission copy just before doing this).  

three, to get full journal, you should perform the steps in this KB article on each of your databases (if you use more than one).

And finally, there a number of output styles that are close, but I put this one together that fullfills most of the other order, font, etc requirements.  Not sure if it will include the doi and only covers book, book section and journal output styles.  

Journal Crustacean Biology (Oxford).zip (1.91 KB)