Tab delimited patent file

I am trying to import a tab-delimited file of Reference Type patent into EndNote X5. I have a very simple test file composed of a title and patent number that looks like the following:


Reference Type  [TAB] Title [TAB] Patent Number

Patent [TAB] This is a title [TAB] 12345


Reference Type [TAB] Title [TAB] Patent Number

Patent [TAB] This is a Title [TAB]  12345

[TAB] indicates where the tabs are. When I try to import this as a tab delimited text I get the following error

Bad Field for this Reference Type - Patent Number. If I remove the “Patent Number” field the title gets imported properly. I have a similar problem if I use other patent fields such as Assignee, Patent Number,  etc.

Any suggestions what I am doing wrong? Where can I find a list ot appropriate fields for a given Reference Type?

From the help section I think it should look like this?


Title [TAB] Patent Number

This is a Title [TAB]  12345

another title {TAB] another number

The Reference type fields are viewable and editable in the Edit>preferences Ref Type (modify).  There is a reference type: “Patent”.  There the fields available in X5 can be viewed - so you should use the terms as they are defined/mapped in the Reference Type or modify the field names to ones you want to use in your heading.  the whole table would be of a specific ref type (as otherwise the headings would change, ref type to ref type.) 

Thank you for your suggestion. It definitely works.

I followed the video tutorial on importing. The example they give was for mixed reference types. The point that was not explained clearly was that when the list starts with *Generic and if a Reference Type is set to Patent then the parser parses the field labels according to the *Generic label. It is user responsibility to map the Assignee field to the Generic Publisher field, and similar with the rest of the fields.

ah-hah.  That makes sense.  Glad you got it working.