This is unbecoming of any product

I eagerly kept checking for updates and tonight I saw X7.0.2.

This is now just embarrassing. Basic bugs of “finding broken attachments” and thebroken "quick search"persist. In fact, the quick search is now COMPLETELY broken. 

It is unbelievable that any product with such a wide user-based would ignore a severe flaw and issue two updates and not address it and ignore all comments in these forums. That’s shameful.

Even a freeware product with a single developer would likely have fixed this by now.

The worst part is not even that my institution requires using this product and not move to something else; it really is terrible that we subsidize incompetence, irresponsible development, and lack of support. 

EndNote doesn’t have to give a thought about our actual use. Dumb institutions like mine will renew and pay exorbitant amounts to continue subsidizing this incompetence. 

Hi Iaconic,

Thanks for your feedback. When you state that “the quick search is now COMPLETELY broken,” can you give me some more information on the behavior you are seeing? 

I look forward to hearing back from you,