Endnote output style for ScienceAsia


I have not been able to found the output style for the journal ScienceAsia.Has anyone done one before?


It always helps to give the link to the instructions http://www.scienceasia.org/instruction_authors.php but more detailed here http://www.scienceasia.org/scguide/scias_guide.pdf),,) and to copy the key info about the format.    

In the more detailed instructions they say “On submission we do not insist that references conform exactly to the above style. However, once it has become apparent that your manuscript is likely to be accepted you should make sure that the following details in particular are adhered to:”  and “Although the references will be listed in the order of citation in the published article, it is not necessary for you to order the references yourself – our software will take care of that. However, it would be helpful if you check that only references cited in the text appear in the list and that no reference appears more than once.”  so you have time.  

You can download the editing guide so you can make modifications yourself – see this thread.   

So I took a look at their instructions and it looks pretty close to PNAS.  I changed the number in text to superscript, bolded the volume number and set authors for 8 or more to abbreviate to et al, but not sure if they wanted 1 author et al, or all 8 et al. (no examples of more than 8 authors, are provided).   Also the Journal abbreviations setting, I left as “don’t replace” because I don’t know if you have properly set up the journal terms list to have the right aliases set up with the abbreviation automatic settings  (and anyway, the instructions from the Journal say “In all cases the journal name will be converted to the required abbreviation by our manuscript processing software.”)  

The modified style is attached.
scienceasia.ens (24.7 KB)

Thanks a lot. It’s my pleasure to receive your output style.