Transfer references from word?

I have several pages of refernces on word, I am just wondering whether there is a quick and easy way to transfer these to endnote?

You don’t mention what version of EndNote or MS Word you’re using so the following is based on EndNote X4.0.2 and MS Word 2010. There’s  feature called “Convert Word 2007 Citations to EndNote” in the EndNote tab on the MS Word ribbon (see attached image).  (Before converting, make a backup file copy just as a precaution.)

I assume you mean a list of references which are “text” in a word document? 

Short Answer is in this faq on the endnote website:

Long answer - with some tricks of the trade if you have some computer skills, has been discussed in this thread: 

But I just suggest that you download them, if there databases (like PubMed) in your field.  You will get a lot more useful detail (like abstracts, DOIs, keywords, etc) in your records. 

One more idea, which I haven’t explored. 

If you get enough critical information imported into the record, the new EndNoteX5 facility to update a record from a database may work?  not sure exactly what it needs to make the “connection” though.