unneeded .enw files (when using chrome)

Dear experts

When I use endnote x7 (windows) with chrome, every time I import a reference it asks me to “save file name” and creates a new .enw file, which I don’t need (creating a ton of “scholar.enw” files). 

When, alternitievly I use it with firefox, it recognises my .enl library and then I don’t have all of those redundant files.

How do I get endnote on chrome to do the same? 



There is a dropdown to the right of the bottom box, when the file is downloaded that gives you the option to automatically open it in future.  Have you tried that?  It may still “download” it though, to your downloads default folder.  

EndNote could save this problem by FINALLY releasing a Chrome Plugin - hey, is anybody doing something at EndNote over there? The plugin is not there for like 10 years! Please, why don’t you just make one? Why can Citavi do it, and you cannot? Are you incapable of that?

Importing references in something EndNote users do 80% of the time using it, and every import is a pain in the neck. Really, why does it have to be so behind the time?..