Very new user to Endnote X2

Hello, kudos to Endnote developers keeping the interface simple - but perhaps they could learn few things from the very intuitive user interface in use by Quickbooks developers, where the “system” attempts to learn from what you were previously trying to do, what you are attempting to do, and suggest with a quick popup, stuff that you can get done by reducing keystrokes. If you are researcher, and not an small business owner, without the need to do accounts now and then, this comment won’t mean anything to you - but I like that feature, it saves me time to enter a new record.

For example: putting in a new reference requires selecting (mouse) the type, then scrolling (mouse) the fields, then typing (mouse, keyboard), then scrolling (mouse), etc. etc. you get the picture. The key thing is if I am spending time entering, I am not spending time WRITING, but after it is all done, perhaps a small reminder occassionally (ala Quickbooks style) to backup the data would be very useful.

I have one newbie question: The titles of my own presentations come out different than what I put in: example below:

1st entry:

Haque, Samudra. “Development Report on Hybrid Communications Demonstration Network Trials.” In Internet: South Asian Realities and Opportunities. Dhaka: ICIMOD/Nepal, 1999.

2nd entry:

________. “Lowering the Tco of Scpc Vsat Network Deployment.” In Satellite Application Technology Conference & Expo 2003. Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY, 2003.

The word “Tco” and “Scpc” are incorrectly capitalised !!  “Lowering the TCO of SCPC VSAT Network Deployment”.

What feature do I have to enable to have the bibliographic entries not change the capitilisation when cited ?

You need to add those acronyms to a list under Edit/Preferences/Change case (that is in version 9, should be similar in X2), then EndNote will recognize them for the output.

See EndNote help:

Change Case Preferences

The EndNote styles can be configured to change the capitalization of the author names or titles. Use the Change Case preferences to list the words that should not be modified when EndNote changes the case of titles or authors. This can be used for special acronyms, equations, proper nouns, or compound names that require consistent capitalization.

For titles, this preference is used only when an output style is set up to apply “Headline style capitalization” or “Sentence style capitalization” (rather than “Leave titles as entered”). For author names, this preference is used when the output style applies a capitalization option other than “As Is.”

To add words to the list:

  • Enter the term in the text box at the top of the dialog, and click Add.

To remove an item from the list:

  • Select the term and click Remove.


Edit your style so that the titles are not changed. 

Edit>output style, edit “your-chosen-style”

Bibliography, Title Capitalization: Leave titles as entered. 


Question: does this work-around also apply to Endnote Web?

I changed Chicago 15 A to leave title capitalization unchanged, yet when I select “Update Citations and Bibliography,” Endnote continues to screw up the capitalization. I’m using MS Word 2007 and have “Endnote Web” selected as the application in the plug-in.