What happened with the Library of Congress ?

Several days while searching in the Library of Congress I receive an error message

Does it mean, that the protocol of the Library of Congress had changed?

The Library of Congress search service is down. We are aware of this issue but it is entirely on their side and not anything the EndNote team can fix.  We have been in communication with them and will share any updates we get from the Library of Congress.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thank you, Jason, for quick reply. I also thought in similar way, but was unsure in such collision.

The Library of Congress has fixed their issue and searching their catalog from within EndNote is working again.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Jason, I am the IT person trying to assist a user not being able to get to the LOC via endnote.  I have performed a capture on our firewall to see if the traffic is being blocked, but all i see is the traffic going out to the server, without any return traffic.  is there anything specific we should look at within endnote? i have a trial copy on my system and I get the error saying something to the effect of stopped waiting for host to respond…



Your error indicates that the Program is not getting through your firewall this could be the file or it could be your firewall.

The Library of Congress connection file is using a z39.50 call through port 210 to the server lx2.loc.gov, the database name should be LCDB. .  The EndNote program initiates a call to the LoC server, which responds with a list of titles that have been found, the program then starts sending batches of requests (20) back and forth from the server.  While there may be brief pauses in the send-recieve operation, it should take a matter of minutes for 100 or so records to import.

Please open up the Connection file (Edit/Connections/Edit Library of Congress) then click on the Connection settings and verify the settings in the file.  If they are incorrect-reset them to the above settings and try again.  If they are correct then I would look for blocks on inbound messages from the LoC server (lx2.loc.gov) on port 210.

Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.


Cheryl - The EndNote Team

This has been happening to me too. Your “fix” didn’t help as all the settings were correct (see image). 

Any thoughts?