Where should I place the EndNote Library and Data Folder and does location affect 'save copy as' function?

I have created an EndNote Database which will be accessed on a network. (The database will be shared by a number of researchers. Currently, the library and database are in a folder on a shared server. I have tried to compress and to save a copy as with my database but these functions do not work. Variously, I receive alerts saying either the target disk is full (which it is not) or that there is an access error.

Where should the library and database be located if it is to be accessed over an network?

Why can’t I save a copy or compress the data file?


It sounds like you need to pick up the phone and call endnote support. 

How deep in a folder structure are you trying to move these files?  Have you tried compressing the library in its home location (not on the desktop which gives the structure a rather long “path” due to the way it is really stored).  Are PDF file name attached and do they have longish names?  The file names with folders and file names in the .DATA folder may be exceeding the underlying path/file name maximum of something like 250ish characters?

These are things you could talk to the Endnote people about - contact details are on their www.endnote.com website.