Word 2004 freezes when typing quotation marks...


I’m using Word 2004 and Endnote X.0.2 on my mac. It worked rather well but now I have two documents that seem to have an Endnote-related bug: Word freezes (and never unfreezes again) when typing double quotation marks in these documents… ?!  It occurs when I have the instant formatting option on (and as a rule, this is the case), but when I switch this option off the problem doesn’t seem to occur anymore. However, for several reasons, this is not ideal in editing the document. 

Does anyone know what the cause of this might be and how I could solve it?



Hello Marjolein,

When you select Format Bibliography, what are your temporary citation delimiters set to?  If they are quotes, I strongly suggest changing them to braces {}.  Also, when an issue is confined to a specific document or documents, the first thing I try after deleting any Track Changes comments is usually the field code cleanup procedure:  http://endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq15.asp .

Hello Mike,

Sorry for the late reaction - I thought Thomson would send me an e-mail alert in case of any reactions.

My temp. citation delimiters are {} - and this was always the case. I’m gonna try the clean-up procedure, but it seems that it is an all-over-the-place-problem, not just confined to one or several documents. And as it seems, it also occurs in documents that do not use track changes.

Any other suggestions…??! 

[Edit: no, as I feared already: the clean-up procedure doesn’t make a difference, at this moment my document is stuck as never before…Luckily, I must add, 'cause the idea of such a time-cosuming procedure for each of my docs using endnote was frightening.]  

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